March 27, 2012

Monday Monday.....

Yeah, no one gave me them memo, today was supposed to be Monday part deux....*Thanks guys!* **shrug grin**.  

It really wasn't bad, just a bit busy and kind of odd right up to my 5:30 flying run to deliver a "hot" block.  That is, an engine block that we did fast fast to get it back to the customer.  Tired, dirty, cooling down....but strangely satisfied with my life.  Yes I still want desperately to have a different career, i.e., I want my own store but I know that will come in it's own time.  I stopped by the store to see my ole man before I headed home to my girl.  I giggled at someones bad vehicle references, talked shop and leaned.  I was later told, I'm the "cool girlfriend"....and to be perfectly honest, I take that as a pretty high compliment.

I often as my fellas, "what would ya'll do if I was prissy??", usually the answer has something to do with me not lasting long.  There's something that goes with being a woman who can hold her own in any environment ruled by men.  I not only hold my own, I make them forget sometimes, that I'm just a girl.  I have a knack for killing them with kindness.  Usually my nature gets me two reactions with men, either a. they love it and chat me up about 454's and strokers, or b. they look at me like I might steal their manhood and hide it away.  Of course I prefer the former. 

I do enjoy the chit chat, the look of admiration, and I do love the smell of grease.  As I sit here munching on the leavin's of my daiquiri, I think about the looks I always got from my ex, and the look I get from my fella now...that...."she gets it" look.  The fun thing is, when I am off work...I do keep a neat house, know how to cook and manage a feminine look every so often.  Granted I own more black tank tops than any woman should along with several pairs of jeans, but I do clean up good most times.  I try hard to maintain that balance and for the most part I think I do a good job. 

ya'll got to 'scuse me, I have dumplin's a boilin'.....

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