March 05, 2012

Random Polyticks....

I had a blog all started up in my head last night, but as I sit this afternoon, I can't remember what was flying around my head then.  I know what's in my head right now though.  I have always had a fear of the government.  I watch movies in which the country has undergone some type of war or over throw, and I actually begin to wonder when that's going to happen...not if, when.  I read articles about the radicals in public offices and what they would like to do with our country and the people within.  I read posts on social websites about how local school systems regard certain children, and I've seen first hand how strict they can be.  Where I live has the most strict truancy laws I've ever encountered in a public school system, and this is not a big city. 

How far are we willing for it all to go?  As a people that is.  What's going to be that one thing that pushes us over the edge and has everyone saying, "get out of my personal life".  I don't want uncle Sam in my business, be it health, religion, education...I just want to live on my little piece of land, earn my living and be done.  Hell, I don't even want to work for someone else, I want to be my own boss.  I don't like being told what to do, or how to do it. 

I worry a lot about what the world is going to be like for my daughter.  There are moments where I am afraid to have descendents because I don't want them to suffer at the hands of tyranny.  I know this seems very alarmist and probably irrational.  I have a small bit of faith that things will work themselves out and with the coming generations we'll be ok later on.  But, I have a lot of fear also.  A lot of "what ifs".  What if this particular group of baby boomer politicians get their way, which ever side they are on.  What if we regress to time where women are regarded as marital property, or what if the government becomes so involved in every ones household that no one can do for themselves...
Most of all, what if we bring the crusades here.  For the last few hundred years they've been fighting in the Middle East, but it is slowly moving out from there, into Europe, into America.  Will we have soldiers here, screaming "in the name of Christ!" running to slay/defend themselves from those screaming "in the name of Allah!", or "in the name of the Morrigan!"  

Is this really the life we've created for ourselves?  Do we really believe we are owed something from birth?  I can't be the only one freaked out by all this.  Maybe I'm just concerned because of the last few years here in my own little country and the way it's been run and having seen first hand the crookedness of politics. 

Where are we going to end up, and how are we going to get there....? 

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