May 22, 2012

2012...The End is Near?

So, according to first interpretation, by December we should all be toast.    The world as we know it is supposed to end by the end of this year.  The World As We Know It.  There have been several articles since riddling the prophesy with holes.  I've been reading various news articles of late, some of it American some of it BBC.  

Consider what we've learned about ancient peoples, they didn't always talk in specifics.  Take the texts that we've found, both on scrolls and inscribed on walls, they spoke in ideas, and were specifically general...if that makes sense to anyone.  What I'm getting at is this:  Our planet may not implode, life may not burn up in some ball of fire, but we may simply change our world with our own behavior.  Not literally destroy the Earth we are standing on, but destroy the way we live on it.

There are wars raging in the promised land right now.  No matter how hard anyone tries to find peace, peace can't be found.  Our own little country is about to be torn apart; between politics and religion, we are faltering.  There is not a section of this world that is not touched by some kind of anger, strife, fear, agony or poverty right now.  My theory is this, we are going to completely change the face of our world, therefore life as we know it, by the end of the year. Our lives will end, and we will start all over again. 

I've heard so many people this year say in some way or another, "know where your garden is, know where your water is."  I've heard this from friends, co-workers and complete strangers.  I, myself, am in the process of refurbishing an old home on 2-3 acres for those exact reasons.  When the shit goes down, I know that I will be ok.  I was raised deep in the woods and am very capable when it comes to living close to the Earth. 

I'm not sure I'm ready for some great upheaval with the world I live in.  One of my biggest fears has always been Martial Law.  From the time I was very young and understood the basic idea of a police state, I have feared it.  I cannot stomach the idea of my rights and freedoms being taken away from me and mine.  I am open to the idea of a rebirth though.  Yes, on the other side of that rebirth, it could be rough, but it could be very very good.  I do have enough faith in humanity as a whole to think we'll do what is best for the world.  Do I think it will be swift and easy, no.  But I do think that when the dust settles we'll all be ok.

All I have to say the Mayans is:  Bring it!  I'll be stockpiled with ammo, booze and canned goods to last as long as it takes.

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