May 12, 2012

Brain Spillage.....Part C....

There's a lot scrambling around in my brain these days.  Things ranging from friendships old and new, life changes and evolutions, society and Obama's admittance...several topics, too much to type out in one succinct piece.  Let me see if i can marry them all up and create a thoughty something here.

Someone made mention on facebook a while back that "life changes, people move on".  She was right both on an individual front and a community one.  Things rarely stay the same from one moment to the next, much less one generation to the next.  As we grow up and older our views, thoughts, morals, everything, changes.  The thing that gets me is all those people who need it to stay the same for their own comfort level.  You know the ones, they've lived away from town for a few years and came back to find the old store gone and almost had a nervous breakdown....or those who never left town and never noticed that everything was morphing into something new.  Then they woke up one morning and needed something only to find it's not there anymore.... yeah those ones. 

The same can be said for society, it has to ebb and flow.  For centuries around the world nations have gone through moments in time that not everyone agreed with.  The Romans went through so many drastic changes over the decades it's unreal.  They changed the very landscape of the Earth, they completely changed the way their people looked at religion, they went from living in excesses to aesthetic ways of life.  This country is no different.  We have to have our time to morph and find out what exactly works for us.  We are a blended nation, full of different people that have a lot of opposing views.  As much as I enjoyed Japan, I couldn't live there in a conformist society.  Most of us couldn't.  But I'm sure there is a fair amount of folks who would find it comforting, being told to adhere to a strict code.  That's what makes it all interesting, the differences. 

I have issues with the whole "morality" thing.  My example may not be the best in the world but it's what I use.  Take a man who steals bread to feed his family.  The person from whom the bread was stolen feels wronged and would probably say that's a moral offense.  The man who stole said bread may not have had an option at the time, his first goal was to feed his family, in his mind morally correct.  Yes I know it's far more complicated than that, but for me that's how I have to look at things, from every possible aspect.  Is it wrong for gay folks to love each other get married, I honestly don't know.  All I know is I have no personal issue with it.  As long as they aren't hurting anyone or themselves, and paying their taxes, I do not care how they live.  Would I condone it with my own child?  Sure, if she is happy and in a safe, loving place, I'm ok with it.  Here's the catch, if I wasn't ok with it all, I would not call out those who live that way and call them evil or bad.....because It Is None Of My Business. 

I came to the conclusion a long time ago, that I don't have to agree with what someone else takes on in their life.  All I have to do is make sure me and mine are ok, safe, happy, fed and doing what we feel is good and correct.  I have lost and gained friends because of that stance.  I don't want anyone telling me how to live my life and run my household and in return I won't tell anyone else how to do theirs.  I've had people in my past ditch me because I wasn't the perfect subservient woman, and I'm never going to be.  I've had people cling to me because of that exact same reason.  I never claim to be more than I am, and I try very hard to be honest about who I am.  Maybe it's because some are still struggling trying to figure themselves out they can't do that...they still feel the need to force their opinions and beliefs on everyone they can. 

It's been an interesting last few months.  I've opened my eyes to some things, opened my heart to some things, and opened my mind.  It's been a nice transformation.

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