November 12, 2012

Modern Medicine.....??

I have a bit of a beef with today's medicine. Yes, I'm jaded because of how substandard the VA is, but this is somewhat more mainstream and widespread. Because there are so many veterans now, the VA has basically become like the free clinic, minus the free condoms. The care tries to keep up with the demand but it's hard, and I do recognize that. No, this particular issue is just medicine in general.

How many of you have noticed exactly how much time the actual doctor spends in the room with you when you go for an illness or a checkup? Do they ever actually touch you? Or take your temperature? Do they go over various causes for something before they hand you a little yellow pill and say take these till the scrip runs out...and don't call me in the morning? I didn't think so.

I was sent to physical therapy a while back because I have osteoarthritis in both my knees. I fell on a concrete dock and the fall sent what was a normal degeneration into overdrive. I have a standing prescription for an anti-inflammatory for other issues. It take me months to refill it. I refuse to take narcotics, and have many issues with drugs in general. I'm not hip to the idea of cramming my body full of man made chemicals. I've seen too many people with simple, harmless, single prescriptions for Lortab or Tylenol 3, abuse them and end up hooked on them. I was surprised to be sent to physical therapy. I was even more surprised when the therapist actually took my legs and bent them, mangled them, and looked me in the eye and gave me answers. He didn't tell me to lose 40 lbs and all my problems would disappear, he didn't tell me the names of the best pain meds on the market...he Helped me. Honestly, I was shocked.

I've heard stories of people coming away from car accidents or severe falls that live on pain meds for the rest of their life under the idea that that is the best care they can ever get. I have a hard time with that. When did we become a nation that is praised for our advances in medicine, yet those advances are nothing but chemicals? A person can get the same surgeries in India, gastric bypass, heart surgery, major physical reconstructions; the care is better, the price is cheaper, and you get to recover in a facility set up to promote healing. So, how can they do it...but we can't? Everyone is going to start yelling it's because of public medicine and how the doctors and hospitals are so overcrowded they don't have the time, money and resources to take care of everyone. Well, if that's true, we need to step it up a little OR we need to learn how to take care of the little things on our own.

Not everyone needs a prescription drug to knock out a set in cold. Not everyone needs the strongest pain med they can get their hands on. And not everyone needs a mountain of antidepressants. Most of us just need a steam bath, an aspirin and a swift kick in the ass. That being said, let me let you in on my little paranoid, conspiracy theory, war vet take on the whole thing.

What is the easiest way to control a mass of people? Keep them calm. Calm, happy people don't want to ask questions. They don't want to rock the boat. If everyone is controlled, medicated, and given only chemicals that are approved by the FDA...we stay in our places and maintain society's norm. What better way to maintain control over the masses than with government controlled substances that are given to us for our own good? Why is it the FDA is the only entity to label what is a cure? And why do they not recognize alternative, homeopathic medicine and natural remedies to common ailments? Well, let's see, if we start thinking for ourselves we might actually put a government in place that protects us and works for us. If we start thinking for ourselves we might actually find out what's wrong with the world around us and try to fix it ourselves. Heaven forbid.

So, I will stick to my research, I will stick to my aversion to doctors, I will stick to my remedies. If doctors aren't going to do their jobs because they are all subsidized by Uncle Sam and his crooked ideas of what society is supposed to be, then I don't need them. I have no love for anyone trying to back me into a corner and take away my right to think and take care of me and mine.

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