December 05, 2012

2012...In Review

While I'm sick at home with the latest crud, I figured I'd take the time to update some Facebook photos and start putting my year together, since I'm bound and determined that next year will kick major ass.  I did a photo YIR, now a written one.

January started out with what has become a beginning of the year regular:  the Mid-Winter Fair and Rodeo.  I waited 15 years to see one the first year we went.  I've lived in Lafayette for 17, and had never once been to that rodeo.  I'm a country girl, rodeos are something we do, I love them.  We moved on into the year with the usual festivals and concerts.  My daughter and I have made Festival Internationale, Mardi Gras and Festivales L'Acadiens et Creoles a yearly must.  Those are our favourites, there are plenty of other festivals throughout Acadiana that we try to make, but those are the best in our humble opinions.  This year I was lucky enough to have my wonderful Sister and her children join us for Festivales L'Acadiens.  It was awesome.

I also got officially engaged this year, he let me pick out and design the blew my mind when it arrived.  I have only ever had one other engagement ring in my life.  That relationship didn't work out, but we are still friends.  This winter my fella and I settled in to having been together for the last three years.  It's been a bit of a rocky year for us.  The veil fell off and the comfort set in.  That isn't something either of us have had to deal with in years and years.  His relationships never made it this far and mine was 11 years long.  We've made it through the first rough patch...come 5 year hell and 7 year itch!!!

I went to my first ever bowling tournaments.  I did a state and a national one.  They were nerve wracking, and a bit difficult...but I did it and I did fine.  The state tournament was probably the worst because they knew ever person with whom we were bowling, it made me feel a little out of place.  The national tournament was much better for me because it was bigger, in a neutral setting with people from all over the US.  I didn't feel so out of place there, I felt a little more at ease with the whole situation.  To say the least it was a new experience, but a good one.  I also began playing pool again this year, I bought two really nice new sticks and found my old faithful.  It's been great getting out on Thursday nights and making new friends.


I began creating again this year, in a big way.  I did start my business last year with candles and soap and bath products, but this year brought some small scale welding and painting again.  I have been able to revisit some old favourites and keep up with my botanicals as well.  I did take down my online shop for the moment, I need to regroup and go back into it with a new vision and a different fervor.  Next year will be the year.  I know it.

I'm walking into December with a jump start on Christmas shopping and a hopeful outlook for next year.  I'm ready for New Years and for everything it's all going to bring.

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