February 24, 2013

Foundations and New Mortar

Honey told me to write, so I'm writing.  I pierced my nose and got another earring this weekend, last weekend I changed my hair colour for the first time in 5 years.  That really doesn't seem like much, looking at it in print, but for me it was a bit of an experience.  Lemme 'splain.

I was told by a friend recently that I have a tendency to apologize for who I am both when I'm blogging and in daily life.  This is a quality that I vehemently insist that my sister not do.  I've learned in recent years she and I are very very alike in our insecurities and how we handle them.  She tends to turn inward, I go all out for everyone to see. I'm never quite sure whether I'm seeking validation or simply living out loud.  I like to think I'm living out loud.  Some folks over the years have used the term "self destructive" in regard to me.  Maybe I am or have been, either way, I'm a work in progress.  

There's a little something that happens when you make small but noticeable changes to yourself.  You see, my hair is still made up of colours found in nature, and I don't have anything huge or "out there" coming out of any of my piercings.  But there are subtle differences in me because of each thing.  Each act in and of itself has it's own presence, it's own meaning, it's own reason for happening.  I believe everything happens for a reason whether we acknowledge, accept or recognize that reason.  I believe things are destined to be according to a divine plan.  Everything from me meeting my ex and having a child with him, to me bringing home this fuzzy, fluffy, needy mama cat.  In this particular instance I fulfilled some long awaited goals.  I'd been wishing for a tragus (little flappy thing on the inside of your ear) piercing since college and the last few years have been a mulling over period for the nose ring.  Before I did it, I looked up the religious affiliations with such a piercing, just in case I was treading on someone else's turf.  

Hindu Bridal Jewelry
In Hindu culture, the nose ring is part of the bridal jewelry, it is a part of the 16 adornments of the Hindu bride.  Much like the bindi, not all modern Hindu women wear one or actually pierce their nose, but it is still a custom that is highly regarded.  Hindu brides wear henna tattoos as well as bangles, anklets and toe rings for their ceremonies. There are tribes of people across the globe that use body modifications great and small to express cultural diversity and individuality.  

I've seen many many women this day and age who wear them because they are beautiful.  It is a practice that spans from India, to South Asia, to the Aborigines in Australia.  As I like to say:  to each his own.

I asked Honey today if he believes me to be the same person I was 2 years ago, he promptly and firmly said no.  I asked him if others who knew me then would recognize it, he said maybe.  You see, there was a very tumultuous time in my life within the last 5 years.  Things weren't just difficult, they were down right weird.  During that weirdness I had to re-figure out who I was and what I wanted out of my life.  It's taken me this long to get those things sorted out.  I've made some small goals and accomplished them, and I've made some that I didn't accomplish.......yet.  It's coming, and when it does I'm going to *own* it.  So, these tiny little "self-victories" as I like to refer to them, are simply stepping stones or building blocks for a person that is less and less scared of growing old before her time.

I get calls often to go out and do things, sometimes I go, but most nights I am home.  This is by no means a practice that I would have adhered to even 3 years ago.  But, 3 years ago things were different.  Life was different, I was different.  For a long while now I've struggled with the notion that changing those aspects of me was being hypocritical.  Now I'm seeing that it's no such thing, it's growth and contentment.  I'm content to sit on my couch and play online fantasy games with good, cold beer or a good wine next to me.  I like my one night out a week.  I like even more that I have a fella who is willing to give me a long leash so I don't feel trapped in my life.

So, a new item to add to my list of resolutions: stop apologizing for being me.  There's nothing wrong with Me.  I do the best I can by those around me, I work, I play, I know my limitations and I always try.  Even if I don't succeed, I still try.  Adding tattoos or rings to various bits has nothing to do with a love for pain, because I, in fact, do not love pain.  I do however love individuality and contentment in ones own skin; and right now sugar?  I am good and content in this skin.



  1. You just keep being you. Those who love you are blind to any "imperfections" in a the sense that they accept you for YOU, not what you look like, or what you are wearing or where you have holes in your body. Those you are worried about such things do NOT love you fully, am I saying that if someone questions it they do not love you? NO. To question is human, to accept is love.

    I am SO glad that God, fate, whatever threw us together so many years ago. I have seen you grow and change, as I am sure you have seen in me. I loved you for who your were then & love you now for who you are NOW. Yes I know that physically we are the same people we were but we have both come so far in our lives and will continue to grow.

    1. You are a joy and the definition of a true friend.
      love you to pieces girl!!!



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