January 05, 2014

the Definition of Decadence

Decadence is.......

a down feather comforter on a bed large enough for Henry VIII and all the wives....

luxury cats strategically placed around a room purring and grooming and just being beautiful

a french press, an enamel cook pot, and wine decanters 

blush wine and birthday cheesecake

red velvet couches

a fireplace full of pecan wood

painted nails with no repercussions

hair curlers worn without caution or jest because he knows tomorrow she will make the effort to look as good as she can

wind chimes just outside every entrance

someones favourite meal for their birthday dinner, made by someone who adores the person more than they adore the meal

a spring day, a girl, and her dog

Decadence is living in a home free of negativity and worry.  It's allowing life to play out as it will, knowing that things won't always be perfect.  It's being just opposite enough from your mate that there is always something interesting to talk about.  Decadence isn't necessarily Crystal and Godiva....sometimes it's Beringer and Russel Stovers.  And sometimes....it's Nehi Peach soda and a Hershey bar.  To each his own....whatever lifts up the spirit.

What is decadent in your world?  Maybe you get your hair done every week or so, or buy
the good coffee.  It might be a small something that makes you feel perfect and luxurious for 5 minutes, or maybe it's something big that you waited patiently to get and now can sit on/look at/touch at will.  

What's decadent to me? 
a content child. 
beautiful nails.
red lipstick.
a velvet couch.
not so cheap wine.]
good chocolate.
a patient man.
being loved.  

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