September 16, 2014

The End of an Era

My head is spinning.
Yeah, yeah, what else is new right?
I've been walking around my old campus rekindling old connections and creating all new ones, both with people and the school itself.  It was surreal at first.  During the summer while I was there, it was a bit daunting to look around me and not quite recognize what I was looking at.  You see, they are renovating and making new spaces and updating the whole campus.  There's a strange refreshing similarity/difference blend going on that sort of sneaks up on you.

All the old hangouts have pretty much either been demolished or turned into something completely different.  The popular cafe when I was in college back then has long since been gone, it's a Papa John's (of all things) now.  The dorms I lived in are gone, the one he lived in is gone now too, I was witness to a portion of it's destruction just this past week.  It's very interesting to watch history be washed away and replaced.  Symbolic of washing the slate clean or rejuvenating an old archetype.

Stokes Hall.  All the way to the left foreground.....almost nothing left of it. 

Oddly enough, there has been no sadness attached to seeing a lot of this.  Only wistful memories.  These years belong to those who are young now.  They are making great memories & enjoying life, my girl included. She fretted when we first moved in with Honey that the moving wasn't over.  She hated going to new schools & being the new kid, she'd done it so many times. Once life calmed down & we were settled she was happy, she has blossomed.  My little bookworm has a pretty serious after school hobby & is known throughout her school as a tiny, sweet girl with a sassy attitude.  That shell has opened & out she has come.

While it's the end of one era, a new one begins.  Next month marks one year of married life for me.  Even the rocky bits have been good.  We bear one another up & put up with set-in ways.  I have no reason to assume life cycles are not moving along exactly as they should.  I am grateful for the friends who have been carried through these years & the new ones along for the ride.

As fearful as I can be about aging, I am quite anxious to see how the next 20 years are going to play out.


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