September 30, 2014

Legends of the Southern Fall

The little epiphanies just keep coming.  I've been working my way through this semester and ironically the classes I took all correlate. They also all link to where I am in my life.  Taking the appropriate steps to better myself unhindered was probably the wisest thing I've done in years....maybe ever. 

It dawned on me a little ways through Humanities class why I don't read much anymore, and when I do, it's either historical fiction or some type of biographical work.  At some point around my time in Kuwait I stopped searching for the fantastic.  I stopped needing that escape that came with the novels written strictly for the imagination.  I still read (science) fiction, I haven't completely walked away from my favorite genre, but I tend toward the historically accurate works.  I like things that incorporate real life events with a personal story that is mostly created.  Because we can only guess at how the ancients lived, a writer has to fill in the gaps between fact and fiction.  I have also built a healthy obsession with the Tudors and the Borgia family.  With the exception of a couple weekday sitcoms, I am not a huge TV watcher.  I did, however, devour all 6 seasons of The Tudors on Netflix, two seasons of the European version of Borgia, and am now working my way through the American one.  All because I read one book a year ago about a young woman who married into the Borgia family.  

This needs no introduction.

I find a certain comfort in reading what has gone before me.  There's something about it that helps me be more certain of my own steps.  I always look back before I look forward I guess you could say.  

In the last few weeks, I've encountered works of art I'd never heard of, created art I never thought I was capable of, and managed to find a way to work on myself all at the same time.  I haven't mentioned too much about my weight loss/fitness journey.  I was doing well till I started school this fall.  Things got hectic, I got tired and I fell off my wagon for a little while.  That all changed this week.  I will be carving out a couple hours a week for myself and a 100 pound heavy bag.  Having had my first shot, I am hooked and ready to run with it, it's time.  Working through tests, reading about High Renaissance, throwing jabs, running the girl to and fro, and still making time for my the good life.  

Veronica Franco, my latest read.
As with all things, there is conflict that arises within the bliss.  It's nothing Honey and I haven't dealt with before and sadly, will continue to be a part of our lives.  That's the way of divorce and ex's.  I think I am the lucky one of the two of us.  Mine is far away.  Yes, it has it's negatives but I don't have that face to face, day to day crap.  Perhaps if I did I'd have hit the bags much much sooner.  I don't know how Honey does it, honestly.  He has the patience of a saint. Oddly enough, those trials make he and I stronger.  We are sneaking up on our one year wedding anniversary, I'm very excited about it!  This past year was so surreal and enlightening...I'm ready to just pick up the reigns and let life run.  Life tends to reset itself for me in the fall.  I don't know how it goes for others, but for me many life changing events have happened this time of year.  This year being no exception.  School, subject matter, physical health, mental health, babies not babies breaking down the last of the boundaries.  

I'm ready.  I'm ready for everything fall has to offer.  

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