October 12, 2014

The First Year

So we made it a whole year.  I'm sure there were nay-sayers out there somewhere quipping that this wouldn't happen.  Well, to them I say: PPPFFFTTTTHHHH.  Ha!  For the rest of the world that knew from jump that we'd be fine, there is a firm handshake and a wink in it for ya.  That 3+ years we spent doing the relationship dance was Nooo indicator of whether we'd make it or not. (yes sarcasm).  I'm being cynical.  I can honestly say, never once did word ever travel back to me that anyone doubted our union, however unconventional it may be.

It's been an eventful year.  We've managed to keep Honey's family business alive while keeping our home intact, I started back to college after a 15 year hiatus, the kids have hit major milestones, all without complete chaos.  Not to say there haven't been some ups and downs, good moments and bad, but it's been....life.  Nothing so bad that it couldn't be handled...and nothing to tip the scale the other way such as lottery winnings.  My house is finally getting to a comfortable spot, we decided on building a camper vs, buying one, and we inherited yet another pet.  Little family together things that have served as glue to hold us all together.

Dharma and Greg
I've compared Honey and I to Dharma and Greg (90's tv show) on occasion.  And there for a while I thought I was far too "out there" for him.  Take a tall, clean cut, polo-wearing, cowboy and add one tattooed, multi-colored hair having, pierced artist and see what happens.  Our family's are from two different ends of the world, we are 'city mouse and country mouse get married'.  He's a food snob, I'm just happy to be eating.  I love air and light and shiny things, he likes manly patterns that match.  I love clean white walls with wrought iron and baroque accents, he likes steel, and burgundy red.

Him:  Polo shirt, pressed jeans, polished boots, clean haircut.
Me:  tank tops, ragged jeans, sandals, and three-tone hair.
Him:  Bold dark colors
Me:  Glitter
Him:  Dr. Pepper
Me:  Coke
Him:  Chevy
Me:  Ford

He just watches me and takes me all in some days.  I'm never sure if he's intrigued or puzzled.  A little recovering Catholic with Hindu tendencies that reveres nature and was practically born with dirty feet.  The things that either repel most men, draw him in.  I love cars.  I have a basic knowledge of various engines and don't fuss when he spends hours watching the Barrett Jackson car auctions.  I'm a terrible but dedicated Sci-Fi/Fantasy nerd and have only cultivated his love of Star Trek, Star Wars, and all things related.  I love tasty alcohol, could live on hors d'oeuvres, and am not an overly domestic woman.  I can cook, I can sew, I love to clean...but I'm not great in the kitchen and I've retired my sewing machine.  The house is a subject that we are working on.  He isn't accustomed to a woman who takes hours to clean and detail a home.  The first year I lived here he teased me incessantly because I was always cleaning.  I've since learned to lighten up...even though it still makes me twitchy to leave it for too long.  There are little things that we are still working out here and there.  But we will get it.  We have nothing but time.

Quintessential me. Jewelry. Red lips. Tats.

He is a quiet, insightful, simple man.  I don't mean simple in a derogatory manner...just that he doesn't need much.  He is very low maintenance.  I guess that is one reason we click so well...I'm fairly low maintenance in comparison to my peers.  Neither of us have anything to prove and we live as such.  His world revolves around his family, his job, and his horses.  He cooks.  He reads.  He spends hours playing Jewel Quest.  He loves good food and knows how to construct it.  He's a brand snob in the store and had to be taught what generic items were.  (that was fun) He's moody and sometimes lets the world get him down...but it's nothing that quiet time and some space doesn't fix.  It never lasts long and he always lets me back in his cocoon when he's ready.  I learned not to push.

Quintessential him. Shy. Cowboy hat. Polo.
With all of our differences we have a myriad of things in common.  We are cheese fanatics.  We love critters. (for the record two animal lovers should not collect animals) He likes to shop and makes me try on clothes in the store.  We have Star Trek and Firefly marathons...as well as Big Bang Theory on the regular.  We like to just drive, no destination, no agenda...just the road.  We both hate doing laundry but more-so hate clothes all over the floor.  We love the woods and like to go camping or visiting at my family's place.

All in all, we have both found our match.  It took us both a bad first run, some lessons, and quite a bit of heartbreak...but we're here.  And I wouldn't change a single thing.

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