February 19, 2012

Ode to Productivity

It's no secret that I love to be busy.  Normally the weekends wear me out more than the week itself.  This one though, has been nice for some reason.  For a long while I have been mourning my former social life and the fun and revelry that came with having a close knit group of friends.  That of course went to hell in a hand basket shortly after my divorce.  No worries though, life has moved forward and I enjoy having the time to clean at my own pace, not drink myself retarded if I choose not to, and just generally relax.....

To relax is not an easy thing for me, it often worries me or makes me feel lazy.  I'm always buzzing around, sort of "on" all the time.  Yes it does get tiring and eventually I crash.  But while I'm buzzing, I'm doing and doing makes me feel necessary.  I like feeling necessary, even if it's something as simple as feeding critters. 

I'm feeling a bit super-hero-ish this weekend.  Thanks in part to some awesome Internet friends I've come to adore, but also just me.  My house often suffers because my honey and I work 6 days a week, he has 2 1/2 jobs and I have 1 1/2 plus my business.  I say half because we clean his office building over the weekend.  Normally it's just a couple of hours, depending on how many classes or clients they've had. 

This weekend we were able to do some serious cleaning and rearranging at home both in the house and outside.  We now have some happy pets, a usable third bedroom, and a shop you can walk into.  It's been a bit rough here lately, so something as simple as organizing a shop or room, cleaning off a "catch all" kitchen table are all small victories that make a person feel like they've accomplished something worthwhile.  All just in time for the Monday morning grind.

It is a true statement: "There ain't no rest for the wicked, and money don't grow on trees".

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