February 27, 2012

to believe or not to believe......that is the question

I had another one of "those days" at work today.  It wasn't a bad day, but it was an eye opener.  I already know I'm tired of the type of work I do, but the problem is I'm too afraid to make that giant leap to do something totally different.  I live in fear that my business endeavor isn't going to go anywhere.  I do understand that it takes a lot of time and I need to build up a clientele, but I'm impatient I suppose.  I figure, it's been a year I should be somewhat further along than I am.  Perhaps if I look at what I have done...it'll make me not so aware of what I haven't...

a.  I have an informational website and a link to a web store with product
b.  I actually have product to sell and more to be made
c.  I've actually sold a few things
d.  I have a few friends who enjoy what I make
e.  It is a legal entity....I have a federal ID number

I'm going to start including samples with outgoing sales, and hopefully once everything calms down I can hit the jockey lot and set up and make some sales and build a clientele.  The weather is getting better and better and I know folks are out there. 

It's difficult, scary, exciting, and somewhat nerve wracking.  I want to succeed so desperately that I'm afraid I'm going to sabotage myself.  I think though, I have friends enough to keep that from happening...even if they aren't patrons they are great cheerleaders. 

Thank heaven for the internet, open air flea markets and hippies...

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