April 18, 2012

A New Era?

The dawning of a new era? Nah, it's been like this for a while, I just figured we'd outgrown it somehow. It will never cease to amaze me how- in this day and age- there are still bigots, hypocrites, and simply closed minded people. Now don't get me wrong, I'm a southern woman, I do believe in gender roles...to a degree. Am I the primary one to keep my house and tend to things house related? Yes. Does my man do most of the outside the house work? Yes. However. I do still maintain a 45 hour week, as many women I know do. My fella does help out with laundry and dishes and dinner. So do the children. We are what I consider a modern, traditional family. That was what I thought of my prior marriage as well, even though we had more reversed roles.

I know that the world is changing and we are going through a major spiritual upheaval across the globe. There are militant men bombing and killing folks, wars raging in old countries, and lawsuits ablaze here in America; all over personal belief. Even our presidential debate is riddled with religious jargon. So much for that "separation of church and state" clause in the good ole' Constitution. I'm not on this simply to fuss about what I like to call "The Eighth Crusade", no I'm here to address the idea of men being afraid of or flat out hating women. Especially Strong Women.

You know the ones, they are mothers of multiple children with husbands who work anywhere from 60-80 hours a week, or stay offshore or deployed for a month at a time. The ones who will work as a labourer, cleaning offices and homes, waiting tables by night and still maintaining that 9-5 during the day. Women who know who they are, acknowledge they have power within them not only to create life but to take care of anything and everything at the drop of a hat. Women. Women who worship Mary, Brigid, St. Ann, Shiva, Gaia, Hera, The Morrigan...women. And sadly, there are men in the world who still, to this very day, only see them as prizes. Trophy's and possessions to put on a shelf and pretend to love.

I had a revelation while mulling over some quips and phrases I've read and heard in the last few months from a couple of sources. Now I know a misogynist when I see/hear one. I was close friends for years with a man who inherently hated women, and have known several others over the years. 'Tis the benefit of working so closely with men for so long. What amazes me is how they try to hide it. Some are easy to spot and will sometimes admit it, and it takes a steady woman to love a man who has to try and love her back. Others don't even realize how they feel deep deep down. They are the ones who chase, tease, beg, offend, laugh at, pester, and make excuses for the women who won't stay with them. Now, yes of course, there are crazy broads in the world, but I'm willing to bet at least half are not so crazy as much as fed up with the bullshit.

That being said, there are people who are literally afraid of a faith that would revere the maternal. Having been a witness to someone raging over the idea of witchcraft, the root of the rage was the feminine quality behind it. I'm not Wiccan, but I am a believer in the Feminine Divine. That does not mean I denounce the male aspect of God or even Jesus for that matter. Nor do I look down on or want to change anyone who believes in a patriarchal Deity. My question is this, why would anyone not give homage to the mother of the man who changed the world? If she carried Gods child, why not do as the Catholics do and raise her up? Apparently she was special for some reason. Do I wish everyone believed the same exact thing and all went to the same exact church? No. To put it in my best friends terms, that would be boring, variety is the spice of life. How can we learn, grow and become more if we do not share and listen to one another.

Fear stems from lack of knowledge. Be that lack deliberate or not, fear is a mighty thing and it has started many a war. Ignorance born of fear is a dangerous thing, to force belief on someone else is also a dangerous thing. We don't all have to agree, but we can learn to live together and stop trying to "fix" the folks sitting next to us. I won't discount what has happened in individual lives to cause someone to dislike or be afraid of the opposite sex, but to harbour ignorance simply "because" is an ugly thing to do. I would hope that we as a society and a world have evolved to a point much better than that. Somehow, I don't think we have.


  1. My Sister, you rock! Love ya bunches and stand with you in hoping we can change the world.

    1. ;-) One angry male at a time
      Thanks for reading!



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