February 19, 2013

To Quote Shania....Man! I Feel Like a Woman!

Today was a George Thorogood kind of day.  We have some new folks at work these days, they hail from different walks of life as most crews do.  I have been working with men of various backgrounds for years, occasionally I come across the random uber-conservative one.  Now, I have nothing against conservative folks, some of my best friends are conservative both socially and politically.  I've run into flat out misogynists, men who LOVE women, ones who tolerate them, ones who are afraid of them, and ones who just think chicks are fun!  Anytime I think I have one pegged or have a bead on him, he surprises me.  I had that happen just today.

I have this bumper sticker on the back end of my truck that says COEXIST in religious symbols from around the globe.  Well the only one I could find when I bought it had Obama's little flaggy circle thingy instead of the peace symbol.  Well, I'm not a supporter but, I do believe that we need to learn to live together so I stuck it on my truck till I can find a black and white one.  One of the first things he ever made mention of was that "Obama sticker" on my truck.  I passed it off and went on about my business.  I work in a shop full of oil field personnel, we are real finicky about where and how our pay comes.  He's learned that I have a penchant for cuss words, a dirty mind and a forgiving smile, we get along well.  I think I make him nervous though.

One afternoon I was in a rush to get out and I needed to band a block to a pallet so I could leave with it, he and another fella were working on a block of their own.  When I saw a chance to snatch the bander I did, and strapped up my block and waited for the crimper.  I've done this dozens of times over the years, but the other fella asked if I needed help.  Before I could get the polite, "no thank you" out of my mouth, ole boy was behind me telling him, "she don't need help, she's the head of the women's lib".  I just looked at the guy next to me and told him that tomboyish women make some men nervous.  He understood.  Today ole boy asked me if the truck I drive is my own or if it is my mans, I told him it was all mine.  For the record:  Ford F250 4x4 lifted with running boards, a bully bar and KC highlighters on the front.  He asked why I had a truck like that....before I could get the words out the guy he was working with started to laugh and asked him why the question?  I promptly told ole boy that it was because I'm about as redneck as they come.  Ole boy looked at our coworker who was still chuckling at the question and told him that most women didn't drive big trucks like that.  We both gave him a "where YOU been" look.

Me as Rosie the Riveter for Halloween at work

Well, all these exchanges set me to thinking...yeah yeah that's dangerous I know.  There are folks who have never seen me outside of stained jeans, steel-toes and work shirts.  There are folks who have never seen me outside of clean jeans, heels or boots, nice shirts or black tank tops.  There are fundamental things about me, however, that I'd like to believe shine through regardless of my outward appearance.  I am not conventional, traditional, or cookie cutter.  I'm not liberal or conservative, I'm spiritual, I'm a tomboy, I'm girly, and I can tell the difference between bare engine blocks simply by looking at them.  Sooorrryyy.  I can't help it that I was raised by a mechanic/engineer, a tomboyish mother, with a sister who is a gear head.  My cousin is a mechanic, my ex-husband is a parts man as is my current Honey. I know engine parts....it's just me.

Apollo Ball 2013

The best thing about having a girlfriend who knows engine parts is A. she doesn't get taken advantage of in a mechanic shop; B. she is always on hand to reach the small hard to reach bolts in the back of a transverse engine on a Ford van; C. you can watch Wheeler Dealers on TV for a week running before she has enough and turns the TV to Sex and the City.  Having said woman in your workplace can't be all bad....you don't have to watch your mouth, you can tell the jokes and she gets them, she can offer valid advice on your girlfriend/wife/significant other because she is one.  Just because I'm a truck driving, jean wearing, beer drinking, pistol packing mama doesn't mean I don't have a soft side and can't take care of my own.

As rough as my daily life makes me, one thing is for certain:  for everyone who has seen me in the differing stages of my week, they have all seen at least one common thing.  They have all seen me with makeup and they have all seen my nails done. Take *that* 'Mr. You Ain't No Lady' man.

'scuse me while I drink this here red wine and watch this here Magic Mike.

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  1. And all that wrapped up in a sexy woman who loves to snuggle too. lol!!!

    You are one bitchin' Babe!!! I am to call you family!!



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