April 09, 2013

Reclaiming the Feminine

The Da Vinci Code came out in 2006, I saw it when it hit DVD.  It didn't register with me right away for some reason.  I mean it did....but not the way the story does now.  I recently read the book, it was free from Amazon last month in celebration of the story being 10 years old.  Maybe it's because I hadn't seen the movie in years or perhaps they really did change that much of the story to make the movie..I don't know.  I do know it hit me like a brick wall.  Perhaps I read it when I was meant to.

According to various prophesies the world itself wasn't supposed to end on December 21st this past year, we simply moved into a new Astrological age.  One that brings the feminine back into focus.  Having a daughter makes it all the more prevalent for me. I have been more focused lately on the Sacred Feminine than ever.   I suppose I shouldn't be that surprised by the revelation, I work in a male dominated, male oriented field.  I have been around the world and constantly surrounded by men and male essence for years.  They are not a mystery to me, I'm not saying I understand every aspect, but I can spot a mama's boy, a misogynist, a lover, a daddy, a starving artist...all a mile away.  I was raised in a patriarchal home and live in a patriarchal world.

We are constantly bombarded with subtle (and not so subtle) images of women in anything but a good or healthy light.  Everything from popular music to prime time television to the very books we read.  How many crime dramas depict a young woman dressed provocatively being murdered or raped or abducted?  How many songs, country music included, involve not wooing a girl, but admiring the form long enough to get her into bed and then leave.  The ironic thing is....we don't even notice it anymore, it's such a part of our everyday life.  How many times have you questioned what your child is listening to on the radio or actually watched the video game they were playing?  Something as simple as Luke Bryan singing, "Shake it For Me" is suggestive.  Why exactly does she need to shake it as if she is hoping for male approval...?

The suggestion in works such as the Da Vinci Code is that the Sacred Feminine had to be forcibly removed from anything holy in order to have the Pagan peoples of Gaul (France), Italy, England and Spain conform to Roman church rules. This meant the removal of Mary Magdalene in her proper role as wife to Jesus and possibly even mother to his child, it also meant the portrayal women in general in a bad light.  Woman is to blame for the fall of all mankind, women are unclean beings, this is where much of the carnage in the Arabian countries comes from. The idea was mentioned to me recently that Jesus was "not soiled by a woman."  Why does it have to be that he was soiled?  Why the uber-defensive attitude that a woman did a bad thing by touching him in a perfectly natural manner as a wife would her husband?  It stands to reason that a budding church/government would need to take the wind out of the sails of the prominent ideals of common people, thus slandering and removing the feminine as a sacred entity.  This makes room for a male dominated government/religion.

Who killed Jesus?  The Roman Senate.  They did this at the behest of the Jewish people because he had discovered the true blend within the Jewish and Roman governments and he began to protest not only the occupation of Rome but the very teachings with which he had been raised.  Why is the New Testament so different than the Old?  Well, Jesus spoke of things that were not looked kindly upon within the traditional Jewish faith, he allowed Mary to walk with him and the disciples, a practice not done in that country at that time. When the men who physically wrote the holy book saw these passages in the scrolls left behind by all 12 Apostles (Mary included), they conveniently left them out.  We know this to be true because Emperor Nero is the one who had the first holy book printed, he hand picked the scrolls used to create it.  He chose four of the twelve gospels.  The only people allowed to write back then were men, monks to be specific.  Women were not allowed near a parchment or a book till after the Spanish Inquisition in the 1500's.  I was happy to find this blog on Pinterest of all things, I am happy to see that there are Christians who are seeing that women are not just down-trodden in this world, but down right hated--patriarchy has gone too far.

We have been a patriarchal society and world for over 2000 years now.  Across the globe, who makes more money/have the job, the expected breadwinners?  In which direction do the words, "power" and "strength" lean?   How long have women been fighting for any type of equality?  At this point it ceases to be equality and simply be balance.  No one is suggesting take the masculine out of the equation, we need it, we need the strong, hunter/gatherer masculine.  Along side of this, we need the strong feminine, the keeper of the hearth, the Mother, the giver of life.  Women need to be returned to their rightful place as sacred, and dropped from the idea of weak and inferior.  It is slowly coming around, I see a big influence in music with female artists, Sacred Feminine literature is on the rise, even the Catholic church has figured out that it couldn't keep up the facade.  A few years ago they apologized for casting Mary Magdalene as a prostitute and retracted that belief.

We are truly on the path to enlightenment and recapturing the truth.  The world is waking up, but it's going to take a while to really get there.  As mentioned in the movie Dogma, changing a belief is hard, changing an idea is much easier.  I'm not trying to step on toes, or offend or even change anyones personal perspective.  If you need scripture to get you through the day, USE IT!  If you need to pull a Tarot card every morning and call out to the Goddess every night, DO IT!  All I'm saying is, stop for a second and think:  what are we teaching our daughters, our nieces, how are we treating the women in our personal world?  Even more so:  how are we viewing the women in our world?  Better yet, how are we treating ourselves?

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