November 21, 2013

A Musical Montage to Retribution

This is a therapy session.  This is me getting out some aggression, some much needed angst, and some simple "dammit" time.  

He used to hate this song.....

aw hell, he used to hate this one too.....

                                               Hold on, hold on, do what???

                                               Yeah how 'bout that shit...

                    Don't think we don't find out and talk and get the story straight

                          How'd you do it for so long???

When it's all said and done, guess what, you're not as clever as you thought you were and it all comes out in the wash.
P.S.  Therapy can't fix selfish.

               Cause when it all comes down...I gave it my all.  Regardless of what anyone thinks.

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